Wednesday, March 13, 2013

गरुडपुराण - परान्नम्

परान्नं च परस्वं च परशय्याः परस्त्रियः ।
परवेश्मनि वासश्च शक्रस्यापि श्रियं हरेत् ॥

- गरुडपुराण

parAnnam cha parasvam cha parashayyAH parastriyaH ।
paraveshmani vAsaH cha shakrasya api shriyam haret ॥

- garuDa purANa

These things have the potential to erode the wealth of Indra (King of Gods) also - eating someone else's food, being controlled by someone else, sleeping on others bed, indulgence in other's wives, living in other people's house. One must avoid all of them.

- Garuda Purana

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