Tuesday, March 19, 2013

समयोचितपद्यमालिका - सज्जन दुर्जन

मनस्येकं वचस्येकं कर्मण्येकं महात्मनाम् ।
मनस्येकं वचस्येकं कर्मण्येकं दुरात्मनाम् ॥

- समयोचितपद्यमालिका

manasyekam vachasyekam karmaNyekam mahAtmanAm।
manasyekam vachasyekam karmaNyekam durAtmanAm ॥

- samayochitapadyamAlikA

Virtuous people have the same thing in their mind, in their words and in their actions. Wicked people have one thing on their mind, another in the speech and a different thing in their actions.

- Samayochitapadyamalika

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