Tuesday, April 16, 2013

गरुडपुराण - विद्या

शौर्ये तपसि दाने च यस्य न प्रथितं यशः ।
विद्यायामर्थलाभे वा मातुरुच्चार एव सः ॥

- गरुडपुराण

shaurye tapasi dAne ca yasya na prathitam yashaH ।
vidyAyAm artha lAbhe vA mAtuH ucchAra eva saH ॥

- garuDapurANa

One must have attained fame in any of the below - courage, penance, charity, education or accumulation of wealth. If one is not able to do so, then his life is a waste - as if his mother gave birth to just a lump of flesh.

- Garudapurana

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