Thursday, April 18, 2013

भोजप्रबंध - कृपणः

संग्रहैकपरः प्रायः समुद्रोऽपि रसातले ।
दातारं जलदं पश्य गर्जंतं भुवनोपरि ॥

- भोजप्रबंध

saMgrahaikaparaH prAyaH samudro api rasAtale ।
dAtAram jaladam pashya garjantam bhuvanopari ॥

- bhojaprabandha

One who collects will always be at the bottom - like the ocean the collector of gems and precious stones is condemned to the rasatala world. On the other hand the one who gives it to others will always be on top - like the clouds that roar on top of the world.

- Bhojaprabandha

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