Saturday, May 11, 2013

सूक्तिमुक्तावली - कृष्णाश्रितः साधुः

लोहासिः स्पर्शमणेः स्पर्शात्स्वर्णासितां लभते ।
नपुनर्निहन्ति जन्तुं तद्वत्कृष्णाश्रितः साधुः ॥

- सूक्तिमुक्तावली

loha asiH sparshamaNEH sparshAt svarNa asitam labhate ।
na punaH nihanti jantum tadvat kRuShNAshritaH sAshuH ॥

- sUktimuktAvalii

An iron sword will turn into a gold sword when it comes in contact with the touchstone. After that it can kill any being. Similarly anyone who comes takes refuge in Lord Krishna will become virtuous and never hurt anyone.

- Suktimuktavali

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