Thursday, May 16, 2013

सूक्तिमुक्तावली - माया

क्रीडन्तीं भगिनीं स्वां सिंहमुखं धारयन्भीमः
    आक्रन्दयति पुनस्तां कुरुते विभयां स्वरूपदर्शनतः ।
एवं स्यात् परमात्मा मायावृतिधृक् भयं तथा शोकं
    जनयत्यावृतिहीनः सदा प्रियात्मा परम सुखदश्च ॥

- सूक्तिमुक्तावली

krIDantIm bhagiNIm svAm simha mukham dhArayan bhImaH
    aakrandayati punaH tAm kurute vibhayaam svarUpa darshanataH ।
evam syAt paramAtmA mAyAvRutidhRuk bhayam tathA shokam
    janayati aavRutihInaH sadA priyAtmA parama sukhadashcha ॥

- sUktimuktAvalii

The big brother goes in front of his little sister wearing a Lion's mask. She will be scared and starts crying. At that moment, he will remove the mask and show his pleasant face which will drive away all fear from the sister as she feels secured. Just like that God creates this illusion and generates a lot of fear and grief in our lives. But when we can see him in real form, there will be no fear and endless happiness.

- Suktimuktavali

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